Student Life

Vice President of Student Affairs E. Royster Harper and staff

E. Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life

Office of the Vice President for Student Life
6015 Fleming Administration Building
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1340

Office: 734 764 5132
FAX: 734 763 7320

Supervisory responsibility: · Communications and Public Relations · Student Life Development · Office of the Ombuds

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life is charged with facilitating a positive Michigan experience for students and supporting their overall development. The Vice President’s office provides centralized services to support Student Life (e.g. communications, planning, administrative oversight).

Support Staff

  • Lindsey Ferguson

    Administrative Assistant to Vice President for Student Life and Ombuds support

  • Sallye Ramsey

    Executive Secretary to the Vice President
    Vice-presidential schedule coordination
    Coordinates the administrative, operational activities of the office

AVP Team & Support Staff


Student Life Advisory Board 2015-2016

Abbas Alawieh

Adam Feingold 

Andrew Campbell

Arnold Reed

Carly Strauss

Drew Clayborn

Eileen Enright

Elisha Naz Shakil Ahmad

Hugo Lawton

Ian McGraw

Jacqueline Saplicki

Jad Elharake

Jennifer Liu

Jiaqi Mai

Julien Brathwaite

Kelly Slay

Marissa Thornton

Michael Garbose

Nathan Novaria

Neil Gupta

Nicole Potchen

Nisha Gopal

Olivia Raxter

Rafael Martinez

Sam Bloch

Sarah Khan

Semaj Ray

So Jung Kim

Tahany Alsabahi