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What: Allies for Disability Awareness Community Meeting

When: Thursday, December 8th

Time: 4:00 to 6:00 PM

Where: Educational Conference Center (ECC), School of Social Work Building (SSWB)


Description: This event is designed as a forum to connect students with disabilities and their allies. This month's theme is disability and mental health

The event will include presentations from:

* MSA Mental Health Awareness Sub-Committee

* Campus Mind Works & MiTalk (online resources)

* UHS (University Health Service)

* CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

* PULSE (Peers Utilizing Leadership Skills for Education)


Rev. Haju Sunim from the Zen Temple will be leading a relaxing yoga and meditation session.

Free, healthy snacks and refreshments will be served!

Come relieve some stress before finals!


This event is being put together by the student group: Allies for Disability Awareness (, and is sponsored in part by:

* University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School

* University of Michigan School of Social Work

* Bill McKeachie, Professor Emeritus, UM Department of Psychology

Questions may be directed to: