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Top of the Park 2008 in front of Rackham

Throughout the festival, different events will take place for all members of the community to enjoy. The live tunes will wind down with movie showings on an inflatable screen every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights while a DJ will close out the show on weekends. The opening night celebration will begin at 5pm on June 14th with two stages featuring the musical talents of Spencer Michaud, Jetty Rae, Laith Al-Saadi Trio, The Bluescasters, Lady Sunshine, the X-band, and DJ Chuck Sipperley.

While the live music and consistent nighttime events are the bulk of the attraction, many special events and series will grace the festival venue, such as: Tangle, Superhero, Spontaneous Art, and artist David Zinn.

Tangle is an interactive weaving game of colorful fabrics that is fully facilitated by the participants that will be in the Ingalls Mall June 19-23 from 4-6pm and 7:30-9:30pm. The game occurs in two-hour blocks and costs five dollars. Participants are able to play on a first-come first-serve basis.

Does flying over the crowd and the Burton Memorial Tower, as well as harnessing super powers sound like a new, exciting experience? Then you’ll love Superhero, the interactive digital art game that will be at Top of the Park between June 28th and 30th from 9:45-11:45pm. Superhero boasts free admission, and is also available to participants on a rolling queue basis.         

The artists behind Spontaneous Art are quick to adapt to new crowds, changing environments, and unsuspecting patrons. These performers will be entertaining passersby every Thursday evening from 6-9pm. Even the well-known chalk artist, David Zinn, will be dropping by the festival regularly to both display his finished products as well as his trade-in-progress.

Though most events are all-ages, Top of the Park does have something up its sleeve for the little ones. The KidsZone Tent will be open from 5-8pm every night with hands-on activities in a safe environment. While crafts and games are a staple, there’s even a kid’s concert series called Kiddie Set presented by the Ann Arbor District Library’s KidsRock. The events take place on select Sundays at 7pm on the main Rackham stage. Our 2013 KidsRock Kiddie Set lineup is as follows: Ice Cream Vendors on June 16th, The Candy Band on June 23rd, and The Not-Its on June 30th. Of course, a festival is never complete without face painting. Body Masterpiece face painting is as professional as face painting gets, and will be present at the KidZone Tent from June 14th to June 16th from 5-8pm. Reservations are needed due to the high demand, and the cost is five dollars per face.

If all of the above wasn’t enough to convince you to come, Top of the Park also has other entertainment installments. The Global Parties series will lead World Music Wednesdays on the Rackham Stage at 7pm, spotlighting the music and dance traditions of cultures around the world. If winding down after the weeklong celebrations is a must, the Retreat portion of Top of the Park will offer a variety of Mind-Body Workshops on Saturday and Sunday at 5pm on the Alumni Center lawn. Wine and spirit-lovers can rejoice over the tasting events at the Grove Stage, every Tuesday (spirits) and Wednesday (wines) at 5pm. And last, but not least, the Top of the Park After Dark series will treat our 21-and-up crowd to late-night DJ sessions at the Grove Stage from June 14th to July 6th at 11pm.

For a more in-depth schedule, or the Day-by-Day Calendar, feel free to stop by our Campus Information Centers on the first-floor of the Union or Pierpont Commons to pick up the Festival Guide. Or, if an online format suits you best, visit Happy Celebrating!