Student Life

Cross-Cultural Programming Award: This award is presented to individuals or group(s) which improved the campus climate by working together to present a program or programs of lasting impact that increases the campus community understanding of different cultures and that provides opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges.

World Leaders: This award is given to a student or student-led initiatives that demonstrated leadership in achieving the international mission of the University of Michigan through the promotion of international involvement and understanding that is demonstrated by having an impact on communities abroad by advancing institutional goals abroad.

The Stay in the Blue Award: This award recognizes a program that provided a positive and creative alternative to alcohol, specifically on Friday - Saturday evenings. The program should be unique, non-traditional, differ from the organization's usual programming, marketed effectively, and successful in terms of its impact on the campus community beyond the organization's own members.

Do-re-mi Award (Vocal Group): Given to the singing-based group who has had exemplary performances throughout that year and whose performances have added value to campus life at U of M.

The Sustainability Award: This award is given to student group or initiative that has made an impact on the campus community and/or society through helping to shrink our footprint through raising awareness and addressing sustainability issues which may include an overlap of environmental, economic, cultural, or social equity-related issues.

The U of M Pride/Spirit Award:
The individual or group's ''spirit'' is demonstrated through a positive attitude, acts of loyalty to University, creative and inclusive expressions of their school spirit and pride, putting sportsmanship and concern for the welfare of others first, demonstrating integrity, and respecting the dignity of all individuals. They exemplify what it means to be a Wolverine.

Social Justice Award: Given to a student group or student led-initiative whose programs or efforts educate people on social justice issues on campus and/or abroad and have shown evidence of a significant impact on addressing power, privilege, and discrimination to foster inclusiveness and a socially just society.

The Innovation or Research Award: Given to a graduate student or group that results in an invention or improvement to an existing product, service, process, or technology that creates new value for customers or that helps to address and/or analyze a societal problem.

Quiet Influence/Unsung Hero Group or Individual: Recognizes students or organizations that put their heart and soul into everything they do, but their effort often goes unrecognized. They may work ''behind the scenes,'' but often go above and beyond expectations.

Professional Organization of the Year Award: This award recognizes student groups based around a profession or academic who predominantly serve that demonstrated significant success and development in following the mission and goals of their group.

Outstanding Marketing Material Award: This award is given to a student organization that has created exceptional promotional material for an event (or series of events), displaying creativity, innovation, thoroughness, and ability to inform and inspire people to take some type of action.

Community Service Award: Recognizes student organization, initiatives or individuals that made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the surrounding communities through service.

Outstanding Club Sports: Awarded to a club sport that has had the most extraordinary academic year. This award takes into account team achievements, the number of activities help and participated in during the academic year, sportsmanship, visibility, and interactions with members and the campus community.

Greatest Impact on the Campus Community Award:
Honors an organization individual or group who is responsible for the development and/or execution of a performance that significantly enhanced the social, recreational, educational, and/or cultural life of students and the general community at this institution.

Fraternity or Sorority of the Year Award: Given to the organization that has shown a commitment to overall Greek unity, excellence to philanthropy, a commitment to scholarship and membership development, and that has had a positive impact on the overall campus community through their proms and initiatives.

Outstanding Ally Work Award: Given to a student who has shown evidence of a significant active commitment and support to an individual or group that may differ from how he/she identifies, in order to promote cultural understating and empowerment while working to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in an effort to foster inclusiveness in the campus community.

Best Example of Teamwork by a Student Organization: Recognizes the student organization that most embodied and models the elements of teamwork, collaboration, and membership development.

Outstanding Student Organization Web Presence: Given to a student organization or group who web page is innovative, interactive, and that provides interfaces with useful information that educates or informs the user about their organization, services, programs and/or that educates the public about a concern.

Fine Arts Award: This award recognizes individuals who have excelled and demonstrated exceptional talent in the area of fine arts (including art, theater, photography, etc.)

First Year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate Student of the Year Award: Awarded to first years, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students who have excelled in the areas of academic achievement, student leadership, and service.

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