Student Life


The Course Guide has opened up and is available for browsing. When it comes to backpacking courses, CIC has a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your registration:

  • Browse the Course Guide. You can really get a thorough look at all of the classes available next semester by either browsing through the standard search option or looking for specifics through the advanced search option. You can search by professor, requirement, credits, subject and more. Hint: to search by class times, try the advanced class search option on WolverineAccess.
  • Take note of the 5-digit codes listed with the classes that interest you. Having these handy when filling your backpack helps speed up the process.
  • Focus on what you want, but count on back-ups too! Your unique registration date will be available on Wolverine Access starting March 27, and we recommend that if yours seems late, prepare some solid second choices.
  • This is for multiple semesters. You are able to register for spring, summer, and fall classes!
  • Don’t forget your requirements, but be open to classes outside of your concentration as well. For example, courses listed as University Courses (UC) are often contemporary and topical, focusing on unique subjects that may only be offered once. Don’t pass by an opportunity you may not see again!
  • "Take classes that you think are interesting, not your parents or your family or friends. YOU." I chose classes that interested me and it opened doors. I met new people and learned things about myself that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise... for example, I love research." - LSA Student

CIC hopes you have fun backpacking, and wishes you the best of luck when registering. Go Blue!