Student Life

Individual Study Space Canopies

The University of Michigan has installed outdoor canopies around campus to provide individual students additional space for studying, rest, and eating between classes. These canopies are not available for booking events.

Study Space Canopy Locations:

Central Campus
Michigan Union (2 locations)
North capacity: 40
South capacity: 24
Ingalls Mall North (between Burton Tower and the Michigan League)
Capacity; 40
North Campus
Walgreen Lawn Gerstacker Grove
Capacity: 40

General Use Hours of Operation

Open April 6, 2021. Close date October 27, 2021.

Mon - Fri
Aug/Sept - 11am - 7pm
Oct - 11am - 6:30pm
Sat - Sun/Holidays:
Aug/Sept - Noon - 7pm
Oct - Noon - 6:30pm

General Usage Guidelines

  • For unvaccinated individuals, face coverings and social distancing is strongly recommended.
  • Furniture should not be moved.
  • Do not tamper with or alter the canopy structure.
  • No consumption of alcohol.
  • No amplified sound without prior approval.

Other Information

  • The MWireless WiFi network will be provided at all student canopies.
  • Electrical power and lighting is not available in the canopies.
  • Disinfecting wipes are available to use on table surfaces before and after use. Hand sanitizer is available in each canopy.
  • Tables in each canopy are cleaned regularly by U-M staff each day of operation.
  • Canopies will not be open for operation in inclement weather.

Canopy operations are subject to change, check this site for the most current information. Temporary canopy closures due to inclement weather will not be listed on this site.

For indoor study spaces​, please visit

Reservable Event Canopies

Campus is making available canopies to specifically support U-M outdoor events. Canopies are unfurnished, and event organizers are responsible for all vendor coordination (e.g. furniture rental, event set-up, and trash coordination) based on the needs of their individual events. Reservations are required, and events are to be coordinated with Facilities & Operations Outdoor Events (Central Campus canopy location) or the Center for Campus Involvement (North Campus canopy location).

Event Canopy Locations & Information:

North Campus - Gerstacker Grove
Open for events starting August 25th
Size: 30x60
For reservations and general use rules: Center for Campus Involvement
Central Campus - Ingalls Mall North (between the Alumni Center and the Michigan League)
Open for events starting August 27th
Size: 60x60
For reservations and general rules: Facilities & Operations

Information updated August 26, 2021