Student Life

On Wednesday, February 15th, in the Pierpont Atrium, CAPS  hosted a "North Campus do something and Play Day" with over 1,000 in attendance.

Engaging with students in an interactive and fun way while providing information on mental health wellness and well-being has proven to be helpful to UM students.

CAPS held its first "North Campus do something and Play Day" on October 12, 2011. The event has been an overwhelming success. We had approximately 800-1000 students stop by for pizza, pet the therapy dog, learn to juggle, jump rope, create a craft, fold origami, toss bean bags and relax with a free massage.  We connected with students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, showed them the importance of taking a break and shared ways in which they can help themselves or a friend with CAPS resources such as MiTalk (interactive mental health website), the Wellness Zone (our mental health wellness center), our wide array of therapy groups and Common Concerns drop-in workshops. 

Students consistently commented on how fun the activities were, how appreciative they were of our presence, and how they hope we have more of these in the future.  

We are happy to hold this event, with the sponsorship of the College of Engineering and the Center for Campus Involvement, and the support of the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance; the School of Art & Design; and the Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning.