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November Group discussions poster

Career Center small group discussions are a fun and informal way to discuss topics ranging from your time at Michigan and beyond.  Whether you are feeling concerned about a major, looking for ways to get involved on campus, seeking an internship or job, applying for graduate school, identifying interests, or a combination of many things, you will be able to find a topic that meets your needs.  Facilitated by one of our knowledgable career coaches, these discussions can be a great way to launch your next step, all while meeting and talking to some pretty cool people.  Register today for a November group session!


Date and Time

All sessions are held at the Career Center

Exploring Academic Majors

11/8 -- 12:00 PM

Standing Out In Your Medical School Interview

11/11 -- 5:00 PM

Assessing The Value Of Your Extracurricular Experiences

11/12 -- 3:00 PM

Law School Personal Statements (Virtual)

11/18 -- 7:00 PM

Exploring If An Internship Is A Good Personal Decision

11/20 -- 4:00 PM

Law School Personal Statments

11/21 -- 3:30 PM

Almost Done WIth Your First Semester of College--Conversation WIth First-Year Students About Transition To College Life

11/22 -- 12:00 PM