Student Life

At Michigan, we know that our students make the difference. Collective Impact refers to a framework used in Student Life to maximize our impact and our reach, to be the leaders and the best as staff members, so that our students can be the leaders and the best in their lives – at Michigan and beyond.

From the founding of the Michigan Union in 1904 to the establishment of over 1,000 student organizations on campus today, our students have always taken pride in defining their own collegiate path. Their vision and drive push our campus to think in new, progressive ways; their dedication to our University sustains the dynamic student experience that all incoming students have come to expect.

As Student Life, we must ensure that this experience is both preserved and enhanced to meet the changing needs of students entering an increasingly competitive world. We aim for development of the whole student, so that our graduates leave Michigan with both a strong sense of self and purpose. We’re not just encouraging students to get involved on campus – we’re instilling lifelong skills that will help them find meaningful success for the rest of their lives.

This is really about giving students transformative experiences that go beyond their time at Michigan – it’s about preparation for a much longer journey. – E Royster Harper, Vice President for Student Life

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