Student Life

U-M Diag

The Dean of Students Office has teamed with students to provide a comprehensive list of student safety resources.

In addition to the leadership and coordination of the DSA units involved with student life, the Dean of Students Office is a problem-resolution center that aims to help students realize their educational and personal goals. Possessing an effective understanding of University policies, procedures, and community life, staff work with individual students, student groups, staff and faculty to resolve conflicts and eliminate barriers to their success.

Furthermore, staff identify problems in the community and institutional system and work to affect change with programs such as Expect Respect. And if you run into a major speed bump or two along the way, come to the Dean of Students, where the Critical Incident Response team will give you the support and academic accommodations needed. In these ways, the Dean of Students Office is a place where every student can come for the advice or assistance they need.