Student Life

VP Royster Harper

Student Life consists of many essential services supporting U-M students and helping them get the most out of their time here. We’re the place students go to Get Help, Get Involved, Get Housing & Food, Get Active and get the most out of their time on campus - and beyond! We also provide special resources For Parents and Families to help you navigate the Michigan experience.

Student Life is committed to the support and development of the whole student in a diverse campus community. Through our programs, services, and the expertise and passionate dedication of many professionals, we support the academic, social and personal growth of our students. We are dedicated to serving students from every school, college, and division and each degree level, from undergraduate to Ph.D. Student Life prepares students to live lives of dignity and purpose, to channel new knowledge to humane ends, and to promote the public good.

Feel free to contact us through the Office of the Vice President for Student Life; we’re always happy to collaborate. We partner with students, parents, faculty and others as we seek to provide an optimal learning experience at the University of Michigan.

With best regards,

E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Life


Office of the Vice President for Student Life
6015 Fleming Administration Building
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1340

 Office: 734 764 5132
 FAX: 734 763 7320