Student Life

-- How can faculty partner with Student Life to educate or refer students?

Faculty members may be searching for opportunities to extend what students learn in the classroom with high quality activities in other settings. Sometimes faculty may need to give a referral to a student who needs help with self exploration or with a crisis. These areas provide support to students in a variety of ways.

-- How can faculty pursue research interests in partnership with Student Life?

Many faculty members pursue research agendas that include the study of college students. Researchers within Student Life are also pursuing these agendas. These areas may give you a start in pursuing research with others who share your passion, and who can bring research findings to practical life.

-- What out of the office opportunities are there for faculty to enjoy Student Life offerings?

Student Life offers a number of artistic, educational, and other social events that are not just open to students, but inclusive of the university community. See what areas might offer an event of interest to you.

Educate or Refer

Dean of Students Office - assistance with student emergencies
Ombuds - a neutral and impartial advocate
Counseling And Psychological Services - when student problems go beyond academics
University Health Service - health related support
Services for Students with Disabilities - finding resources for students with disabilities
Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center - abuse prevention & survivor support
Ginsberg Center - community engagement and service learning courses
International Center - information for international faculty
The Program on Intergroup Relations - resources and workshops on intergroup relations
Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs & the Trotter Multicultural Center - multicultural news and events
Spectrum Center - faculty groups supporting LGBTQ rights
Office of Student Conflict Resolution - referral information on student conflict resolution
Career Center - information about reference letters, faculty-Career Center partnerships, and student referrals
University Housing - resources on faculty housing and referrals
Student Legal Services - how to help students needing legal advice
Campus Information Centers - all of the basics about campus