Student Life

U-M students

Integrative Learning

To increase Student Life's capacity to effectively contribute to students (and Student Life staff) making meaning of their learning across multiple experiences to inform decision-making and future actions.

  • Create and enhance opportunities for active student learning that: Have defined learning outcomes; prompt self-reflection for decision-making and future action.
  • Create mechanisms for students to actively identify, connect (reflect and make meaning to integrate knowledge across life-wide experiences), demonstrate/document and apply (decision making; future actions) their broad-based learning.
  • Create intentional opportunities for Student Life staff (and other interested parties) to create and support integrative learning for students and Student Life staff.
  • Conduct ongoing assessment, evaluation, and research. Inform our own practice; contribute to the field at large.


Intercultural Maturity

To increase students' intercultural competency, maturity and skills for global citizenship.

  • Provide intentional opportunities for students to engage and reflect upon their intercultural abilities and effectiveness.
  • Increase students' skills, abilities and agency in co-creating inclusive communities.
  • Allow students to actively integrate their intercultural learning while setting goals for how they can contribute as conscious and aware local and global citizens.
  • Identify, enhance and promote campus-based co-curricular programs, activities, and opportunities that enhance students' intercultural skills and allow for meaningful interaction between international and domestic students.
  • Create, promote and support co-curricular international educational opportunities for all students.



Stewarding sustainable and sufficient resources to advance Student Life's mission and core work

  • Increase, stabilize, and better utilize our financial resources (including reducing structural deficit, identifying base budget reductions, and increasing development opportunities)
  • Create and build a talent pipeline that recruits and retains a diverse, qualified and talented workforce (including standardizing pay for performance, increasing employee retention and satisfaction, and developing and advancing HR metrics)
  • Integrate technology and data management more comprehensively into Student Life work (including increasing wireless availability and increasing the role of technology in meetings and exceeding student engagement needs and expectations)


Organizational Culture

Becoming more innovative, change oriented, adaptive, and nimble in order to advance the Student Life mission

  1. Utilize emerging trend information to anticipate needs, and to modify and create appropriate responses.
  2. Create a culture that encourages appropriate risk taking in idea generation and innovation
  3. Encourage generation of new or creative solutions that add value to Student Life efforts


Facilities Planning and Utilization

To be an organization with sufficient, efficient, and appropriate physical space which is leveraged to meet student learning, student development and community building aspirations.

  • Foster a Student Life culture that views facilities as intentional resources imbued with qualities of interaction, learning, development and community-building
  • Develop a decision-making rubric for assigning and (re)allocating space
  • Develop facilities standards through which collaboration and synergy are encouraged, and sustainability goals are achieved
  • Determine facilities needed to support agreed upon strategic needs of all Student Life, units, programs, offices and services