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Poster for Expect Respect on Halloween

Halloween is here! Could your costume cause harm inadvertently to others? Cultural appropriation occurs through the adoption of other cultural groups’ elements including clothing, symbols, art, music, religion, language, and social behavior.  The biggest issue with cultural appropriation is that it can have the impact of belitting the origin culture, in a way that trivializes an entire way of life, turning it into an accessory or adopting it for entertainment.  

Ask yourself these questions before finalizing your costume choice:

- What culture does this style reference, and what is my relation to that culture/identity?

- Why am I wearing it?

- How accurate and/or respectful is it to the culture/identity?

- Still unsure? Don't be afraid to ask someone!


Give It. Get It. Expect Respect!

Contributed By: Kidada Malloy, Expect Respect Program Assistant