Student Life

Zombie nightmare on Fletcher Street

Upcoming events and tips for staying safe while having fun!

Download Halloween Flyer (PDF)

 Friday, October 25 

Poetry Slam Showcase
6pm-8pm, Michigan League Underground, $3 students

Halloween Exhibition - Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club
6:15-7:05pm, Ann Arbor ce Cube       

UMix presents: A Nightmare on State St
10pm-2am, Michigan Union

Rocky Horror Picture Show
11:15pm, State Theatre, $$ (also showing Oct 26)     

 Saturday, October 26 

Impro-fessionals Halloween Show
8pm, Michigan League 3rd floor

 Sunday, October 27 

Halloween Concert - University Orchestras
4:30pm, Hill Auditorium
Tix @ 734-764-2538

 Monday, October 28 

Haunted Belltower
8-11pm, Lurie Belltower, North Campus

 Tuesday , October 29 

Zombie Nightmare on Fletcher Street
6-8pm, University Health Service, 207 Fletcher St.
Survive the zombie takeover at UHS!
Tours, treats, prizes and more

 Wednesday, October 30 

Swing Ann Arbor Halloween Dance
9-11pm, Michigan Union Ballroom

 Thursday, October 31 

8pm, School of Music
Britton Recital Hall, North Campus

Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud
7-9pm, Brandywine Cemetery
2727 Brandywine, Ann Arbor
(bring donations for local food banks)

Celebrating or hosting a party?

Here are a few "tips" to minimize risks and maximize fun, adapted from the Student Legal Services Party Manual:

Be considerate of neighbors. Talk to them prior to your event and agree on how to communicate if issues come up.

Control the noise level. It is unlawful to create, permit or continue to permit any noise that disturbs the health, peace or safety of others.

Manage the size of your party (guests should not block sidewalks or streets).

Monitor how much people are drinking and encourage everyone to Stay in the Blue!

It's illegal to have an open container of alcohol on public property (streets, sidewalks), even if you are 21.

Be polite to the police.

Leave drinks behind when you leave a party.

Use a bathroom, not bushes.

Use a trash can, not the ground.

Make sure those under 21 are not drinking.

Don't allow drunk people to drive.

Beware of the consequences -- These violations involve a wide range of criminal penalties, depending on the severity of the infraction. Penalties include but are not limited to:

  • Fines and court costs
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Drivers license restrictions, suspensions, or revocation
  • Criminal conviction
  • Imprisonment

Did you know? The State of Michigan has a Medical Amnesty Law.