Student Life

CTools replacements: Google, Box, Canvas, Maizepages

As you may be aware, U-M is transitioning away from CTools. (All CTools course sites have already moved to Canvas.) The university is now in the process of moving all projects sites off of CTools by early 2018.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Follow these instructions to determine which project sites you own.

  • If you no longer need your project site or wish to transfer ownership, we encourage you to delete it or identify a new owner.

  • If you need to keep your project site, no action is required at this time. Later this year, you will gain access to self-service tools so you can download your site content and membership information to save a copy or easily move it to an alternative service.

If your site is still actively being used at U-M, the CTools Project Sites website provides a helpful overview of some possible alternatives to CTools. U-M Box and U-M Google provide features for file sharing and collaborating, offer unlimited storage, MCommunity group integrations, finer control of security settings, collaboration, and versioning control. We also encourage student organizations to consider using Maize Pages as an alternative.

Questions? Contact the project team at More details about the university’s move away from CTools are available on the project website.