Student Life

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It’s that time of the semester again—scheduling time! The course guide is live and backpacking begins on November 13th for the Winter 2014 semester. Students are advised to look over the course guide and put courses they would like to register for in their online “Backpack.” This can be found on Wolverine Access. Select “Student Business” and “Enrollment”, and you will be able to add classes for the Winter term. The benefit of backpacking is that you can add more than 18 credits to your backpack, and as you wait for your registration date (which you can also find on Wolverine Access), you can monitor classes as they begin to fill up, and adjust your schedule accordingly. Once it’s time to register, just select the courses in your backpack and click “Finish Registering.”  You’ll be scheduled in no time!

If you’ve got the logistics of backpacking and enrolling down, but have a hard time figuring out which class times to select take to make for the most time-effective schedule, try This website will allow you to place any courses you’re interested in into categories, and it will give you hundreds of options for schedules. You can enter preferences for discussion sections based on time, and even select a day of the week you would like to have the most or least amount of classes.  Also, you can enter in other activities or work schedules you may have, and the system will place your classes around those blocks of time.

Backpacking and scheduling doesn’t have to be a nightmare! It’s always better to start early and know your resources—if you follow these tips scheduling should be painless, and who knows, maybe even fun!

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