Student Life

Whether you will be leaving campus or staying in Ann Arbor, here are some tips to help you prepare for a safe winter break.

Residence halls closed during break
Residence halls will close on Thursday, December 22 at 7:00 p.m., and students must vacate their buildings by this date.  (Northwood Community Apartments remain in operation.) Residence hall students who are not leaving Ann Arbor during the winter break must make other arrangements for lodging.  The Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau offers information about places to stay.  Residence halls will reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Leaving? Lock doors and windows in your room, apartment or house.
Take time to secure your valuable and portable items like computers, cameras, etc. and ensure that all doors and windows to your room, apartment or rental house are locked.  Close window blinds and curtains, and don't leave valuables in sight.  You might consider taking portable electronics like laptops and iPods, jewelry and other small valuables with you.

Don’t turn off the heat
Close your windows and leave the heat on in your house or apartment at a level that will prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting.  (Heat is maintained in campus residence halls.)

Fire prevention
Turn off or unplug appliances, including coffee pots, computers, printers, copiers, and lights to avoid over-heating.  This also reduces electrical consumption.  Turn off and unplug portable space heaters before you leave.  Test smoke and fire alarms to be sure they are working properly and replace old batteries. 

If you are concerned about a potential fire hazard in your apartment or house, we encourage you to address the issue first with your landlord. If you are unsatisfied with the response, or if you have questions, contact the City of Ann Arbor Rental Housing Office, 734-794-6264.

Sharing a ride
Use Zimride to find others heading the same way you are. It's easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride with other U-M students. Make your ride offer or request at And please read the safety tips about using Zimride.

Getting to the airport
Airbus provides students with frequent and comfortable rides to and from the Detroit Metro Airport for $7 - $11.  For more information, visit, the MSA office, or the Michigan Union Ticket Office.

Where to park your vehicle – Snow Emergencies
If you can, avoid parking your car on the street during winter break.  If the City needs to declare a snow emergency, your car may be towed while you are away.  When a snow emergency is declared, on-street parking follows an even-day, odd-day approach to allow the city to clear the snow.  Residents may park on the side of the street with even numbered addresses on even numbered days, and similarly for addresses with odd numbers on odd numbered days.  Cars illegally parked in the street during a snow emergency may result in a citation and fine in addition to the towing fee.  Please make arrangements for your car to be parked off the street or for a friend in town to move it off the street if an emergency is called.

Getting around campus
Students who remain in town during the holidays should check the U-M Parking and Transportation and AATA websites for changes in bus services during the holidays.

City information website
Ann Arbor offers students living on and off-campus information about city services and regulations.

Winter term classes start Wednesday, January 4, 2012.  Have a safe and happy winter break!