Student Life

It's that time of year again. The semester is drawing to a close and it's time to study for finals!

Do you need a place to study? Or maybe you don't have finals but you want to hang out with the wonderful people of your Trotter Multicultural Center. Join us for our 72 Hour Study Break!

Over the course of four days, for a total of 72 hours, we will be offering a productive, inviting space to hang out and study. Not only will Trotter meet your study needs, but we will provide both invigorating and relaxing activities to take a pause during finals week. Sweetland Writing Center tutors, guided imagery experiences, Therapaws, free snacks, massages, and continuous movie screenings are just a few perks that come along with spending your Study Days at Trotter.

Trotter will be open Thursday, December 17th until the 20th from 8AM to 2AM daily. So mark your calendars and don't forget to come to Trotter's 2015 72 Hour Study Break! And take a moment now to sign up for the Center's weekly newsletter - lots of fun events and programs you don't want to miss.