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When someone asks, "What stands out about YOUR U of M experience?" what will you say? Involvement in your residence hall? Participation in student organizations that focus on your interests? Your part-time job? Your classes? Maybe it will be all of these things, or a totally different list. By actively participating in the richness that U of M offers, you create your STORY... the unique experiences that shape who you are.

Active participation means that you take steps to become part of the U of M COMMUNITY. Joining many of the communities available on campus will create strong social networks, as well as professional connections. Building community is a life-long skill that you will draw on long after you leave Ann Arbor. Working on your community connections on campus prepares you to more easily transition into the professional community you wish to enter upon graduation.

Starting out this fall as an involved student, interested in reaching out to others, is a great way to kick-off the new year. Diving deeper into your affiliations, or broadening your interests in the years to come will allow you to PRESENT to others how you have been shaped by the choices you've made in college.

The Career Center invites you to talk to a career coach as you explore. We are prepared to work with you on your personal i•plan™ (living your story, linking to your community, and launching your presentation). Start today by joining The Career Center's community on Facebook.

The Career Center welcomes your engagement to help define your story and chart a meaningful course during your time at Michigan through resources such as:

As well as staying connected through The Career Center blog, or following us on Twitter.

Welcome (back) to campus. We look forward to hearing your STORY, invite you to join our COMMUNITY, as you prepare to make an outstanding PRESENTATION to those you meet on and off campus.

Go Blue!