Student Life


On the evening of August 30th, at Student Life Escapade! Event, CAPS kicked off a new effort for 2012-13 – Messages of Hope. This effort is part of the ongoing ‘do something’ campaign in which CAPS encourages the whole campus community to engage in student mental heatlh support – whether it’s helping yourself, or helping a friend; whether it’s knowing more or doing more;  whether you are a student or a faculty/staff member.  The new effort for this year comes from wanting to do something more around suicide prevention.  CAPS is inviting and wanting our whole campus community to identify, promote, and enact messages of hope and pathways of resiliency as an antidote to thoughts and behaviors of self-harm.  The picture to the right are messages that students wrote at Escapade – in wonderful fashion, students readily wrote messages ‘to each other’. CAPS will continue this effort during the year;  stay tuned for events which showcase and reflect back to our community all the hope that exists on our campus.  For more information, see: