Student Life

The University of Michigan Residence Halls Association has won the Commitment to Diversity 2012 campus award from the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (GLACURH). GLACURH consists of fifty five member schools that maintain student-run residence halls associations working to promote and improve student life on college and university campuses across the region, including Michigan, Ontario, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

The U-M Residence Halls Association executive board put together the 27 page bid for the GLACURH Commitment to Diversity award.  According to Devin Eggert, vice president of National Relations for RHA,“ The thing that was most difficult about compiling the bid for the Diversity award is that we were not able to fit in 27 pages all of the ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, international, and language/education events, organizations, and classes at the University of Michigan. That is something that residents, faculty, and staff should be extremely proud of and made the writing of the bid so worthwhile for me.”

Many U-M organizations gained regional exposure through the award, such as the Student Affairs “Expect Respect” campaign, Intergroup Relations, Growing Allies, and the University of Michigan Diversity Council.  The award was presented on November 3.

"The University of Michigan Residence Halls Association would like to thank the campus as a whole for striving for a diverse and welcoming community," added Eggert.  "The GLACURH Commitment to Diversity 2012 award is well deserved recognition for the passion and commitment the U-M community demonstrates towards diversity."