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Why talk about sexuality? How can I communicate about what I want?   How does the media influence how we treat each other?   Is Fifty Shades of Grey for real?   Find the answers to these and other questions at Sexpertise 2013!

Sexpertise brings 3 days of events on sexuality and relationships to the Michigan League. All events are free and open to the public. Sexpertise events showcase leading researchers, inspiring community members and talented U-M peer educators from Sexperteam to bring you the latest in sexuality and relationship information.


Wednesday, January 23, 7 PM, Hussey Room

Keynote Event - What’s Sex Got to Do with It?

Why is talking about sexuality important? Come find out as leading U-M researchers share their diverse approaches to studying sexuality and romantic relationships. They’ll discuss why it’s important to learn about sex, present an overview of their fascinating research, and take questions from the audience.

Panel will feature:

  • Jose Bauermeister, PhD, MPH, Director of the Sexuality & Health Lab at the School of Public Health
  • Sari van Anders, PhD, Director of the Social Neuroendocrinology Lab and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies
  • Gary Harper, PhD, MPH, Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education
  • Sara McClelland, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies

Don’t miss this chance to see these sexuality experts in one event!

Thursday, January 24

5 PM - Sex & Ability
Lisa Evans, MSW will explore sexuality in the context of physical & mental abilities.

5 PM - Sex Toys, Condoms and Lube, Oh My!
Come join S3 Safe Sex Store's Beth Karmeisool, MPH explore pleasure and sexual health in a fun and interactive workshop. Find answers to your questions about sex play and learn how to select the toy that's right for you.

6 PM – Current Professional Thinking About Sex Addictions
In this session, come prepared to learn more about sex addictions.  Tom Morson, LMSW, CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) and Durriya Meer, Psy.D of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) will lead a discussion and question and answer session which will focus on both the "process" and the "substance" addictions: what they are, how they interact, and ways of understanding and working with them.

6 PM - Re-imagining the Church, the Bible, and Same-Sex Relationships
Along with Rev. Jim Lynch of Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit, participants will revisit some scriptural interpretations and views of same-sex relationships, marriage, and more. Participants of any or no faith affiliation are welcome to join us for this discussion.

7 PM – Sex in the Dark
You’ve got questions? Sexperteam has answers! Join us for a lights-out, totally anonymous opportunity to ask your sexuality and relationship questions to our panel of “sexperts”! Everyone in attendance gets glow jewelry!

8 PM – Sexperteam Theatre Performance
Come see a stellar performance from UM’s own sex ed theatre troupe! Come for the candid info, stay for the giggles!

Friday, January 25

4 PM - Asexy and I Know It – An Introduction to Asexuality
Asexuals are not sexually attracted to others. If you’ve ever wondered what that means for those who identify as asexual, come find out! The Asexuality Support and Visibility Network will share what asexuality means for individuals, for relationships, and in our society.

5 PM – Sex on the Screen
The images of sexuality, sex, and relationships that we see in the media can dramatically influence our expectations of our real-life experiences. In this workshop, we’ll begin to dissect some of these messages and explore the impact these messages have on our sexual health choices and well-being, including body image and self-esteem. Led by Kellie Carbone, MA.

6 PM - Intimacy Alternatives: Safer Sex through BDSM and Kink
Learn about decreasing stigma and sexual risk through intimacy alternatives with Constantina Karathanasis, MSW.

6 PM - Safer Sex – Where to Start
We’ve all heard of Sexually Transmitted Infections, and lots of people use birth control – but how do you know where to start? Participants in this session will learn about making sexual activities as healthy as possible so you can focus on the fun! Learn to use safer sex items, which activities are the least likely to lead to an STI, and what birth control options are out there in this session led by Sexperteam.