Student Life

Image of Vice President Royster Harper

Allegations of student sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, are taken seriously by the University of Michigan.  We are proud of the UM Policy on Sexual Misconduct by Students, which was developed with significant input from our students. In fact, we here at Michigan are often held out as a national model of sexual assault prevention policy and support programs for survivors. UM also serves as a national model for student conduct practice and has one of the few respondent support programs in the country.

Student Life played an important role in the development of the university’s new policy. Michigan students from many different organizations, schools, and colleges contributed to its development between 2011-2013. They spoke up in focus groups and interviews, vetted various drafts of the policy, and provided key voices in support of sexual assault survivors, respondents to allegations, as well as the right to privacy, fairness, and meaningful repercussions for anyone found responsible for sexual misconduct.

As one of many outreach efforts, I am organizing a session for students with questions about the policy’s details and development. As part of our ongoing education, outreach, and engagement of students on this important topic, all are welcome to attend this panel discussion and Q&A to be held in March, 2014.  Date and time to be announced shortly.

I hope that any students who would like to learn more about our policy and procedures for handling of allegations will attend. Please share this invitation with any students in your area who’d like to find out more!