Student Life

Policies and Guidelines

Any time you are using social media on behalf of the University, please remember to follow existing expectations outlined in other policies, such as the UM Standard Practice Guide.

University HR has a set of guidelines for social media use, created by the Voices of the Staff, that you should be familiar with.

U-M Social Media has also put together a list of 'community guidelines' when using social media.

It is important to consider that your association with the University of Michigan has bearing on what you post to social media sites, whether you are a professional staff member or a student. Even when posting to a personal account, your comments may reflect on your representation of UM, in what ever role you currently occupy.

Creating Accounts

Be thoughtful about the email addresses and passwords that you use to create your social media accounts, and who has access to them. If you should leave your current role, or bring in another staff member to help with social media, it is important that your unit's accounts not be tied to personal information. Consider creating an email group on the UM Directory that you can use as the email address for all your office's social media accounts.

Tracking Engagement

Do your best to track usage and engagement with your social media presence, as long as it is practical to do so. Some platforms (like Facebook) have built-in analytics tools, while others can be tracked through third-party products. Knowledge of how students engage with your social media presence will help you manage by fact, putting time and energy into the right places.

Comments Policy

Some issues can be prevented before they start by posting a comment policy that encourages users to stay on-topic. Here is a great example, taken from the University of Michigan Facebook page:

"We welcome your opinions, and encourage open discussion about the topics we post. If we become aware of messages that contain advertising, are off-topic, use offensive or inappropriate language, are intended to defame, infringe someone's rights, or are a violation of law, we reserve the right to remove them.

Thank you for following our activities, and GO BLUE!"

Staying Connected

One of the best ways to encourage student use of Student Life services is through referrals, but we can't refer to what we don't know. If you create a social media presence for your unit, please provide a link and contact person to Nikki Sunstrum.

A complete list of Student Life social media pages can be found at

For questions or suggestions on topics not covered here, please contact and participate in the discussion!