Student Life

Spectrum Center 40th Anniversary Logo

In 1971, two quarter-time employees walked into a closet-sized room in the Michigan Union and taped a simple sign to their door. The sign, scribbled in black sharpie, read “Human Sexuality Office.” Jim Toy and Cindy Gair had no idea that this simple and revolutionary act would be the spark of a 40 year tradition of serving the needs of University of Michigan’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally-identified communities. The office has since grown in both staffing and space, and has evolved in its portfolio of program offerings and outreach efforts, but the basic, fundamental, core work of the Center remains constant: to build a community where people can be their most authentic selves and to facilitate the growth of the community through education, outreach, advocacy and resources

Spectrum Center is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and can't think of celebrating without you!