Student Life

Spring flowers photo

If you loved fall in Ann Arbor, you'll love SPRING! As a walkable city, the soul of the urbanites moves outside. There's always restaurants were you can hangout and chat with friends on State Street or South University. You can have a picnic on the Diag which, as the majority of the student population moves on, becomes more like a public park than a packed crossroads it is during the school year. Watch out for theose frisbees though. There will be many happy faces frolicking in the Diag as they play ultimate frisbee, slackline, chill, read, and hammock. You can also enjoy some drinks in the sun with friends at Dom's outdoor seating area.

If you're feeling that even the heart of Tree Town is a little to man made for you, be sure to check the blooming flowers in the Arboretum. Take in the beautiful scenes and scents of blooming flowers by picnic-ing here or taking a run around the Arb. Or better yet, get some greens for yourself at the Farmers Market on Detroit Street in Kerrytown. Want to take a dip? Head over to the Huron River and try kayacking. Ann Arbor is truly a special place any time of year, but in the spring is when the city truly comes alive!

Don't miss out on Ann Arbor's famous Summer Festival if you are sticking around.