Student Life

Charlie Goelz

What is your name? Charlie Goelz

What is your graduation year? 2010

Where are you from originally? Westport, CT What student organizations have you been involved with? I was primarily involved with community service organizations, and served as President of Circle K my senior year. I’ve also been involved with Dance Marathon, K-Grams, Do Random Acts of Kindness, and groups that have formed out of the Ginsberg Center.

What is your most memorable moment in college? It’s hard to pick just one memorable moment, but I would say Circle K Service Day 2009 was my most memorable. It was an event that I chaired, and led my team of 14 to plan. It was a huge undertaking, and at times really stressful. But we were able to successfully mobilize 500 volunteers to complete 2000 hours of community service over one 24-hour period. It was really great to see the drive people had, and the impact they were able to make.

Who if any U-M staff members have influenced your experience here at U-M? Royster Harper and Anita Bohn were great to work with. This past year I had the great pleasure to serve on Royster’s student advisory board, which was facilitated by her and Anita. We had some great discussions about problems facing students on campus. The issues that were facing her on a week-to-week basis were very interesting to consider and challenging to solve. Both Royster and Anita are creative, excellent listeners, and visionary leaders. They inspire great confidence, and I know student affairs will continue to excel with such great leaders. I also really admire Dave Waterhouse from the Ginsberg Center. He does such a great job with student outreach, and gets a lot of students excited about service on this campus. He is always thinking of new ways to increase the impact that service learning can have on students here.

How have you benefitted from student affairs? Student affairs helped me find a way to grow as a person and a leader on this campus. When I entered as a freshman I was overwhelmed by the size of the University, but being apart of a student organization made it smaller. I gained great skills by attending student affairs events like Leadershape and Leadership Connection, events I was able to go to for free through the Division of Student Affairs. I can’t imagine my college experience without student affairs here.

What advice do you have for prospective or incoming students? Get involved, and get involved early! Attend as many campus events as you can, or else you will miss so many things that are unique to Michigan. Join multiple organizations, to decide what is right for you. And if you have the opportunity, step up and take a leadership role!