Student Life

The Undergraduate and Graduate/Professional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Boards (DEISABs) will ensure student engagement in and provide student feedback on the implementation and assessment of the University of Michigan’s DEI Strategic Plan.  Each cohort of the DEISAB will be convened monthly by the Vice President for Student Life and the Dean of Students.  At these meetings, institutional and unit DEI Leads will present their DEI initiatives, seek broad student perspective and insight, and work to identify any gaps.   DEI leads may meet with DEISABs multiple times throughout the five-year strategic plan cycle for follow-up on DEISAB recommendations and ongoing engagement.   The University President, Executive Officers, and other Institutional leaders will also be available to meet with the Boards.

Composition and Selection:

  1. The Boards will be composed of diverse groups of students.  Each board seeks to be inclusive of all schools and colleges, a wide range of social identities, and a variety of campus involvements.  Priority for the undergraduate board will be given to sophomores juniors, and applicants with campus and community leadership experience in support of inclusion for marginalized identities.   Selection will be based on achieving this overall group diversity rather than on any individual applicant qualities or qualifications.

  2. The undergraduate board and the graduate/professional board will each have 25 members.

  3. All students on these Boards will be selected through an application and interview process.


  1. Two year terms (November 2016 – April 2018).  A few spots will be exempt from the two year term so that we may include some graduating students.

  2. A mandatory Orientation Retreat will be held on November 6.  On this day, the Graduate/Professional DEISAB will meet from 9am -1pm and the Undergraduate DEISAB will meet from 12pm-4pm. 

  3. Meetings will occur monthly on Monday evenings.  The group may also be asked for consultation between meetings.  The Graduate/Professional DEISAB will meet from 5:30-7:00 pm and the Undergraduate DEISAB will meet from 7:30-9:00pm.  2016-2017 meeting dates are:  November 14, December 5, January 9, February 6, March 6, and April 10.  Note: The DEISABs may seek student body feedback about DEI initiatives through meetings with student organizations and open forums.  Participation of DEISAB members is these activities will be optional.

Application Process:

  1. Applications for the 2016-17 DEISABs are due no later than October 21 at 5pm. Group interviews will take place the following week.

  2. Final decisions will be announced by email by October 31.

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