Student Life

Three students smile in the middle of the Diag on a warm day in late summer.

Welcome to Student Life. We are a multitude of learning and support services dedicated to assisting students in getting the most comprehensive educational experience possible while at U-M. We’re the first stop for students to Get Help, Find Community, Get Housing & Food, Get Active, and fully enjoy a successful, engaged time on campus.

We are also here for you! For Parents and Families offers resources to help parents and families navigate the Michigan experience and feel confident about your students’ experience.

At Student Life, we create opportunities for students to define their values, fulfill their potential, and develop meaningful relationships. We strive to help them realize their potential to make an impact within the diverse campus university community and the global society.

Through our programs and services, and through the expertise and passionate dedication of many professionals, we support the academic, social, and personal growth of our students. Students from every school, college, and program and every degree level--undergraduate to Ph.D.--can find resources, activities, and life skills tips to develop, transform and enrich their entire education.

Please feel free to contact us through the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. We are here to partner with U-M students, parents, families, faculty, and others to encourage and enhance an optimal learning and life experience. 


With best regards,

Martino Harmon, Ph.D. 
Vice President for Student Life