Student Life

Student Life wants to hear from you. A New Trotter is a student-led initiative, partnered with The Black Student Union and the administration of the University of Michigan, dedicated to overseeing renovations to the existing Trotter Multicultural Center and facilitating the development of a new location for the Center.

From four potential site locations, Trotter and AEC are currently identifying the single best possible location for New Trotter. As a collective, the New Trotter committee aims to present the Regents with a proposal by the end of the year, with the projection of a completed new Trotter in 2018. While many of us may not be here when the new Trotter opens (but we hope you come back for its grand opening!), we want to remind you how important it is for your voice to be heard during this process.

Below are the four proposed locations for New Trotter, please take a look and click the link below to let us know which is your favorite! 

  • Renovation of the Existing Trotter (map)
  • Michigan News Building Site (map)
  • Triangle Parking Lot (map)
  • Barbour/Newberry East Lawn Site (map)

Indicate your preference here!


Option considerations:

Program Test Fit: Site 1 - Existing Trotter Multicultural Center (renovate/addition)


  • Provides On-site parking
  • Provides front porch / green space
  • Immediately available to renovate / expand
  • Maintains current location
  • Unique building “character" as a former residential building
  • Historic structure tied to program
  • No relocation necessary


  • Requires safety and transit solutions
  • Location is remote – removed from campus core


Program Test Fit: Site 2 - Michigan News Building Site (demolish/new construction)


  • Highest and best use of site
  • Limited site capacity limits other programmatic opportunities
  • Central location in student services neighborhood
  • Enhanced presence/ visibility with own building
  • Current building has condition deficiencies
  • Good redevelopment opportunity


  • Requires relocation of current building occupants and demolition of existing building (additional costs for this option)
  • Site footprint with necessary setbacks may limit size of multipurpose room on one level
  • Considered to be on an edge by some students


Program Test Fit: Site 3 - W16 (“Triangle”) Parking Lot (new construction)


  • Central location in student services neighborhood
  • Proximity to housing and dining
  • Enhanced presence with own building at campus gateway


  • Loss of existing parking in an area where additional demand exists (due to opening of new Munger facility)
  • Considered to be on an edge by some students


Program Test Fit: Site 4-Betsy Barbour/Helen Newberry East Lawn (new construction)


  • Central location student services and academic neighborhood.
  • Proximity to housing and transit
  • Enhanced presence / visibility with own build on State Street


  • Difficult site to develop and keep #1 tree and adjacent historic buildings
  • Forgoes maximum redevelopment of total Barbour / Newberry site (140,000 gsf possible with full site redevelopment versus 100,000 gsf total of separate east lawn and existing buildings redevelopments)