Student Life

A logo for Stay in the Blue, an app managed by UHS

This spring, U-M students, faculty and staff submitted a diverse collection of educational apps, medical apps, games and map apps for the Spring 2013 Mobile Apps Challenge. Of this talented pool, four winners have been chosen.

M-Cam: First prize (a Macbook Pro) went to M-Cam, an app created by Evan Cann and Phil Treib. The app allows users to control lecture cameras on campus. Using an iPad or iPhone, users can use gestures to pan or zoom the camera, to follow the professor on screen or see something on the chalkboard. This enables users to acquire better recordings of lectures and have a better lecture experience. 

Stay in the Blue: Using gender, weight, drink variety and drink quantity, Stay in the Blue allows users to estimate their blood alcohol concentration. The app also provides phone numbers to popular Ann Arbor cab companies in order to foster responsible drinking. Earning second place, the creators Steve Coffey, Rodney Hyduk and Jennifer had choice of iPad 4, iPod Nano, Samsung 32" HDTV and Apple TV for a prize. 

myBuddy: The myBuddy app offers a simple way to set up meetings in groups. By leveraging your phone's calendar, myBuddy makes scheduling easy. Jacob Peyser, Gurminder Singh and Jorge Viramontes won third place with their myBuddy app. 

hyperPhoto: Made by Harrison Chandler and Evan Moss, hyperPhoto has two components. The first component is a mobile game that works by querying an image search engine for sets of images by keyword and prompts users to correctly guess the keyword before time expires. The second component is an open data initiative: data from the game is made available for research and analysis. 

Stay tuned: there will be another Mobile Apps Challenge next Fall with $2,000 in prizes for the winner.