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Swimming at Union Pool, ca. 1925

Recreational Sports and the University Health Service both celebrate 100-year anniversaries in 2013, marking a 100-year legacy of keeping Michigan students healthy and active. Just as with previous generations, parents can rest easy knowing that your students have access to health and wellness services and programs at U-M.

Did you know the University of Michigan was a pioneer in campus recreation, one of the very first to establish a dedicated recreational sports department in 1913? Evolving from just a few opportunities for a small number of students, Recreational Sports has grown into an inclusive organization for all, where students develop collegiality, practice team skills, enjoy some friendly competition, and have fun. 

Former student employee Melissa Wolak credits Rec Sports with shaping her professional path:

Looking back on my college career, I can honestly say that Rec Sports truly shaped my college experience. As a freshman girl who became a flag football official (only slightly terrifying) to make some extra cash, I would NEVER have imagined that it would lead to a potential career in Recreation. Currently, I am a Graduate Assistant for Facility Operations at Louisiana State University, an opportunity that I wouldn't have had without the support and opportunities that the Department of Recreational Sports at Michigan afforded me. I cannot wait to see what the future in recreation holds in the next 100 years!

For more on the centennial of Rec Sports, check out this photographic timeline - featuring photos and history spanning from 1888 to today.

Michigan students have also been benefiting from the University Health Service (UHS) since 1913.  From what started as a small clinic with a staff of four, UHS now sees a much higher volume of students. Learn more about their centennial here.

According to Dr. Robert Winfield, UHS's Director and U-M's Chief Health Officer:

As a member of the University community, we contribute substantially to the wellness and the health of our students and our faculty and staff. We have a commitment to easy access, a high level of service that is friendly and welcoming, and high-quality care.

As for the future, Dr. Winfield spoke of important collaborations with the University of Michigan Health System, planning for renovation or a new facility for UHS, and creating strong collaborations with programs across campus while increasing an emphasis on Wellness and the prevention of illness. 

In celebrating the centennials of these two Student Life institutions, Recreational Sports and UHS have been keeping Wolverines healthy and well since 1913, and you can rest assured that your student is in good hands. 

To help Student Life continue making a difference in students' lives, please consider making a gift to UHS and RecSports.

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