Parents and Families

As the academic year draws to a close, many parents hope final exams are the number one thing on their students’ minds. But parents can make the end of the year go more smoothly by reminding students not to neglect preparations to move out of their residence halls or apartments.

“It’s most important that students focus on successfully wrapping up their studies. But the end of the year can be hectic if they leave the entire move out process until after the last exam,” said Marcus Jackson, associate director of Residence Education.

Residence halls officially close Friday, April 30 at 11 a.m. Students who live in residence halls should complete their move-out within 24 hours of their last final exam. University Housing’s online Residence Halls Move-Out Guide provides a quick-reference guide to what students should think about as they prepare for Move Out.

Key items for parents to remember include: the fact that students need to provide a forwarding address to the post office; situations in which students may incur damage charges; and the fact that regular City of Ann Arbor parking regulations are in effect during move-out.

There is no summer storage space in the residence halls. For a fee, students may choose to use John’s Pack and Ship to pack, store and/or ship their belongings.

In addition, beginning a week before resident Move Out times, the university operates a donation program for items students don’t want, don’t need or simply can’t take home. Last year, U-M collected 12 tons of clothing, food and other items to donate to local nonprofits. Donation areas are set up in the central lobby or area of every residence hall and at several locations across campus—so even off-campus students can participate.

While students who live off campus may have different move out dates than their on-campus peers—or may be staying in their apartments over the summer—parents are advised to check with their students to ensure they have been in touch with their landlords about move-out or subleasing expectations.