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Student connecting with an alumni

There is an opportunity for U-M students to learn, develop better communication skills, and become more interesting candidates – making progress on the goal of being “career ready” – through the resources of The Career Center and The Alumni Association.

Connecting to the world of work is one of the most interesting and important things students can do during their academic careers. Learning about necessary skills, discovering job titles, and understanding organizational cultures are part of learning how to maximize and shape a U-M experience.

U-M has many alumni who are willing to assist students in better understanding the types of opportunities that exist. Through The Career Center, the Alumni Association, and engaging with student groups who are connected with former members, today’s students have access to a wealth of information.

In addition to helping students understand and craft their stories through a variety of opportunities (structured and one-to-one), The Career Center supports students and engages with them as they develop focus and strategies for career success. In early stages of exploration, students may attend panel presentations with professionals, or alumni/ae office hours to better understand the world of work.  As students get more clarity about areas of interest, they may participate in The Career Center’s Immersions that offer students the opportunity to travel to Detroit, Chicago, New York, LA, Denver, or Washington DC to experience “a day in the life of...” These one/two day trips have also included alumni receptions co-sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Over 1300 student organizations toconnect with interesting professionals, alumni and former students with the help of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association's “overarching objective is to connect students with alumni...any student that wants access to alumni, has access!” Many popular alumni programs are designed to expand students' networking opportunities, including:

  • Face-to-Face with Michigan Alumni, where students to meet for a 30-minute informational interview, with an alumni/ae in an industry or field of interest. 
  • Hail & Hello, which combines networking education with a reception. Students learn how to network and then get the chance to practice in a safe space with alumni. 

Today’s students need to think about how their education will influence their future plans as early as Freshman or Sophomore year. Encourage your student to check out the myriad of campus resources and definitely plan a visit to The Career Center or visit the Alumni Association's website to learn more about the opportunities available.

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