Parents and Families

Students listening to housing staff

The first year at college is often exciting and daunting for both parents and students.  For those living in University Housing, the Community Center can help families stay in touch during this special time.

Each residential area within University Housing has a Center which functions as a community hub and contact point for campus information.  Students can come to the Community Center to get information about events and activities on campus, connect with other residents, and address any concerns they may have like getting locked out.  Oops!

While some think of it as just a “front desk,” the Community Center model provides relationship building for residents while also addressing their needs and interests. Many Community Centers have items to check out like board games, movies and, of course, vacuums!

Here is what current Community Center student staff have to say about their work,

“We help the community stay welcoming, and we can answer any question.  Students often come with a random question and we can help direct them to the information while making a connection with them.”

“For me the Community Center means ensuring access to our students and families so that they feel they have a place to go and get help, we are often the first point of contact for assistance so it is important we are a friendly face.  We care about them and their wellbeing to have success on campus.”

The Community Center can assist with:

  • Room lock outs
  • Lost key cards
  • Vacuums and cots check out
  • Lost and found
  • Game and/or video check out

Mail and packages are also a large part of the functioning of the Community Center; when a package arrives for your student they will get an email alerting them to its arrival.  How exciting for them to come down to the Community Center and see that you sent a Welcome to Michigan care package or finals survival kit!  You can find each community center’s mailing address online at the Housing webpage.

The Community Center serves as the intersection of campus information and residence hall information to assist your student every day.  We look forward to seeing them soon!


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