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The University of Michigan is committed to protecting the safety and security of our community. Emergencies, disasters, accidents, injuries and crimes can occur without warning at any time. We continually review and update our preparedness measures to address evolving threats. Preparedness at Michigan involves collaboration between the leaders in each division and department throughout the University.

Sites and resources:

University of Michigan Emergency Management:

Occupational Safety and Environmental Health:

University of Michigan Police:

Emergency alert system:

Automated External Defibrillator Program:


UM Emergency Alert System

UM Emergency Alert is a mass, urgent notification system used solely in the case of a campus-wide threat. The system allows  Emergency Alert Texts (SMS) or voice messages to be sent. To add or update your UM emergency notification information go to

  • Students navigate to  > Student Business > Campus Personal Information > UM Emergency Alerts
  • Staff and faculty navigate to > Employee Business > Campus Personal Information > UM Emergency Alerts.

Consider These Additional Resources:

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Program. List your emergency contact people on your phone:  To its owner, the cell phone is an indispensable lifeline at times of crisis, reuniting loved ones separated by unforeseen events at the touch of a button. Simply add the name of your emergency contact in your cell phone book with the word “ICE” before the contact’s name (e.g., if your Aunt Jeanne is your emergency contact put “ICE – Jeanne” in your phone book). This helps alert first responders to your designated emergency contact if you are incapacitated.

Emergency wallet cards and information about handling individual emergencies is in the Campus Safety Handbook on the DPS website.


Outdoor Siren Information

When activated, the emergency sirens – 22 throughout the city– are intended to serve as an alert to people who are outside that they immediately should take cover.   The sirens may be activated for various reasons, including tornado warnings, other severe weather, hazardous materials spills or a major national security incident. In the event that the sirens are activated for an emergency, they will sound for three minutes with steady wailing, TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY!!

Tune your battery-operated radio to WAAM 1600 AM, WEMU 89.1 FM, or WQKL 107.1 FM for more information.  If you still have access to the television and you are a subscriber to the local cable company, tune to channel 16 for updates on the current emergency situation.  There is no "all clear" alert from the sirens.  An "all clear" notification will be broadcast on the radio.

During siren activation, unless you need the police, fire or paramedics, do not call emergency phones. Police and 911 telephone lines should be kept clear for people who really need police, fire or medical help fast.