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The job market is improving, evidenced by more employers on campus, including many who had previously taken a recruiting hiatus.  The opportunities for Michigan students are many, and they come with high expectations from employers about what a Michigan student will bring as a new employee.

Employers who recruit at U-M want to know that students have succeeded academically as well as how they have taken advantage of the richness the university has to offer.  Just attending classes won’t compel an employer’s interest.

As your student progresses through the years at U-M, you can encourage active involvement in and outside of the classroom. What electives has your student taken to round out his/her academic experience? Has your student taken advantage of research opportunities, or volunteered in the community? What student organizations is your student associated with, and can he/she articulate the importance of that involvement as part of the Michigan experience? 

The Career Center sponsors Fall and Winter Career Expos which draw local, regional, national and international employers seeking U-M students for full-time employment and summer internships. The fairs are held in early October and late January every year; students interested in connecting with employers are strongly encouraged to attend.  Career Expos are just one of many ways students can connect with employers.

Economic times may ebb and flow, but University of Michigan students always have the advantage of the “Michigan” brand behind them. What does that mean? Simply, that the success of prior graduates and their ability to make great contributions brings employers back to campus to recruit. Talking with your students about their campus activities and contributions can help them to share the significance of those experiences with future employers.


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