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COVID Sampling

If your student hasn’t already enrolled in the U-M COVID-19 Community Sampling and Tracking Program, they still can. The program is a free, opt-in, voluntary surveillance testing program for those on the Ann Arbor campus, and it was developed as part of the university’s multitiered testing and monitoring strategy. Enrollment is free and open to all U-M students who live in on-campus or off-campus housing, as well as faculty and staff, including Michigan Medicine employees, who work on the Ann Arbor campus at least once per week.

To enroll, all your student needs to do is opt-in by completing the brief survey here. Please note that your student must be at least 18 years of age to enroll. Then, each week, a group of individuals will be selected and asked to register with Michigan Medicine and sign up for in-person COVID-19 testing at Palmer Commons.

There is more good news: The university is expanding testing capacity through an agreement with a newly launched University of Michigan startup company. It is expected that we will begin offering saliva-based COVID-19 diagnostic surveillance testing services on the Ann Arbor campus in early October, and this agreement will enable up to 6,000 asymptomatic COVID-19 tests a week. 

While the program does not replace the need to continue other strategies such as wearing face coverings or limiting large gatherings, it is certainly a key part of the overall strategy for minimizing spread. Your student can be a part of this effort to keep them and their friends safe simply by enrolling today. 

Learn more about the program here