Parents and Families

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In college, many young people explore what they want to give and receive in their personal and intimate relationships.  One Student Life program, Relationship Remix, gives Michigan students a chance to develop practical skills.  Like how to reflect on their own values, demonstrate respect to dating partners, or help a friend who may be feeling pressured. 

Students in the workshop explore the value of clearly expressing their thoughts and feelings, which, as we know, can benefit any kind of relationship!

Relationship Remix asks students: Who are relationship role models for you, and why?  Students are invited to think about the values that define them, and it’s remarkable how many list “family” as one of the most important values in their lives.  As a family member, you can contribute to these important conversations by asking your student:

  • How do you let a partner know what you do and don’t want? 
  • How do you know if you have received consent? 
  • What do you do if you’ve been drinking and are considering having sex? 
  • And for parents of first-year students – What did you learn from Community Matters: the online education module on sexual assault and alcohol required of all incoming undergraduate students?

Remember, it’s OK as a parent to feel uncomfortable about these conversations, but you don’t have to allow your own embarrassment to stop you from talking about these important issues with your son or daughter.

At U-M, we emphasize that healthy relationships include mutual respect; open communication about needs, desires and interests; and shared responsibility and trust. Also, it’s important that any student who chooses to be sexually active understands the importance of both giving and receiving affirmative, verbal, and sober consent for all sexual activity. The U-M community is firmly committed to maintaining a campus environment free from sexual harassment, and sexual assault, as laid out in its policy on student sexual misconduct.

Relationship Remix was developed in collaboration with students, with U-M specifically in mind. Each session is led by trained student facilitators – peers in the same environment, facing the same social situations as the first-year participants. It helps to know that facilitators aren’t there to judge them.  In fact, not too long ago, they were in the same position of arriving at college and learning to navigate a new environment and new relationships!

To find out more about the Student Life partners who provide Relationship Remix, check out the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center and University Health Service’s Wolverine Wellness.  And parents are welcome to send any questions or comments to, which will reach the professional staff and student leaders who coordinate the Relationship Remix program.

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