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Students at Beyond the Diag table

Housing search...already? It's true - the search for 2017-2018 housing can sneak up on your student quickly this fall. Many students will secure housing before they leave for winter break. However, many students will wait because they are considering studying abroad, living in University Housing for a second year, or other reasons. As a parent, you can play an important role in the housing search process.

Encourage your student to take their time as they navigate the housing market. Here are some discussion topics you can have with your student.

  • What kind of living environment do they thrive in?

  • What lifestyle habits do they have and how does that fit with the lifestyle habits of potential roommates (study, eat, sleep, social)?

  • What do they see as the pros and cons of living in university housing vs. off campus?

  • Do they understand what it means to sign a legally binding lease?

  • Have they thoroughly reviewed the lease? What questions do they have? (Student Legal Services can review contracts with your student.)

  • Have they visited the property in person? Talked with previous tenants about their experiences? Met the landlord?

  • Understanding Ann Arbor’s Early Leasing Ordinance can help alleviate stress and pressure your student may be feeling.

Student Life has many resources that support the housing search process. Beyond the Diag is U-M’s off-campus housing program that promotes safety, positive citizenship, wellness, and community in the off-campus neighborhoods. The program is housed within the Dean of Students office and can also assist students with landlord or roommate disputes. Beyond the Diag has a listing service of privately owned local apartments and houses, as well as neighborhood descriptions and roommate finding services.

Your student can take advantage of the Off-Campus Housing Fairs this fall that are hosted by Beyond the Diag. Students are invited to attend the fairs and speak with landlords in person, explore their options, and learn about resources available to them as they navigate the search. There will also be fairs in the winter and in the summer.

North Campus Fair

Duderstadt Center Atrium​
October 25, 2016
11 AM - 2 PM

Central Campus Fair

Michigan Union - Rogel Ballroom
November 2nd, 2016
11 AM - 2 PM

And of course, your student is definitely welcome to consider University Housing. Students don’t need to express interest in on-campus housing until after the start of winter term. During housing sign up, students are assigned a time slot and browse each residence hall for available rooms. If they see something they like, they can reserve it and a sign a contract shortly afterwards; if not, there’s no obligation to stay on campus, and they can continue considering off-campus housing.


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