Parents and Families

Dear Parents and Families,

As your student prepares to leave the University of Michigan campus for the fall semester, and return home to complete finals, we have heard the many questions you have about the process to request consideration to live on campus winter term and the procedures for fall move-out. To answer those questions and others, an updated FAQ has been posted today. 

With the goal of balancing safety concerns with the university’s academic mission and the well-being and support of the campus community, University leaders announced on November 6 the winter semester plans including more remote courses, fewer undergraduates living on campus and more widely available COVID-19 testing. To support the public health of our community, the university is advising students, if they are able, to attend Winter 2021 remotely from their permanent residences. 

If your student needs to return to residential housing for Winter Term, they must fill out a request for consideration by Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 11:59 p.m. Your student will receive a response by Monday, November 16. Each student living in a residence hall will be assigned one to a room, and we will be able to house up to half the number of residents currently living in the halls, or about 3,000 residents. 

In addition, pre-departure protocols must be followed when your student leaves this term, which include mandatory COVID testing. Students who do not follow appropriate departure protocol may not be permitted to sign a Winter 2021 contract.

To answer all of your residential housing questions, please see the most current FAQ posted today. The FAQ addresses:

  • Guidelines for Winter 2021 residential housing.
  • How your student can request a space for winter: Remember, the deadline to apply is Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 11:59 p.m. Your student will receive a response by Monday, November 16. 
  • Fall semester move-out procedures, including COVID testing.
  • Move out will be extended through Sunday, November 22. Your student will be invited to sign up for a move-out time slot; they can always go back and adjust it if plans change.
  • How to retrieve belongings if your student has already left campus. Your student can sign up to come back to campus to retrieve belongings between November 30 and December 6, 2020. If they need to come after December 6, they can contact us at and we will work out a time that works. 
  • Moving assistance and resources: parking, packing assistance, shipping resources, returning rented items.

We hope this updated FAQ answers many of the questions you have as U-M parents and family members.

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