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Michigan’s Greek Community can enhance your student’s college experience and provide lifelong benefits. Early in fall term, many University of Michigan first-year students will explore joining a fraternity or sorority. What should parents know about this important decision making process?

Fraternities and sororities are self-governing organizations. To help your student make informed decisions and find the right fit, Student Life’s Office of Greek Life offers this helpful list of questions parents and students can explore together. Consider asking about the chapter’s values and their alignment with your student’s. Clarify expectations for members’ time commitment, financial obligations, and living arrangements.

Some parents have concerns about Greek membership – express them and talk about your expectations for your student’s behavior. You want your student to identify a sorority or fraternity that lives its espoused values and supports academic obligations and aspirations. Information about chapter finances, housing options, and activities should be transparent and readily available from the organizations. Joining the right group for the right reasons is essential!

And keep in mind, during your student’s time in a fraternity or sorority there will be numerous opportunities for you to attend special events and to meet other members, parents, advisors, and alumni.  Take full advantage of these events to stay connected to your student’s chapter.

Ultimately, a student’s choice of whether to pursue membership in a sorority or fraternity, (and whether or not to join yours!) is up to them. But parental involvement can help them to make the best possible choice, find the right organization for their goals, and truly maximize their college experience.


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