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For every student, the transition from high school or community college to campus university life can be socially and academically challenging. This may be particularly true of students with disabilities. For those parents who have been actively involved in their child’s academic success in school, it can be difficult to let go when your son or daughter goes off to college. We encourage you to tell them about the support that Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) can provide.

Students with disabilities who register with SSD have the opportunity to receive:

We provide services for students with many different kinds of disabilities – including: Learning Disabilities, Mobility Impairments, Blindness and Visual Impairments, ADHD, Chronic Health Conditions, Mental Health Conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Traumatic / Acquired Brain Injuries, students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Temporary Disabilities.

Visiting our office is an opportunity for your student to confidentially discuss any concerns relating to potential and documented disabilities and, if requested, we will provide appropriate referrals for further assistance. You should know that your student’s disability and services are confidential.

Mentors for Students

Coming to college can be both exciting and stressful. Students with disabilities can get some extra support from peer mentors who know what it’s like.  Student mentors can ease your student’s concerns and provide helpful information about how to effectively navigate the ins and outs of the new University environment.

By getting a mentor, your student will get help to:

  • Confidentially Transition to U-M
  • Build Success Strategies and Problem Solving Skills
  • Identify Strengths
  • Learn Goal Setting
  • Develop Action Plans

Student Life’s Services for Students with Disabilities is also celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!  Parents and families are welcome to stop by when you’re visiting campus – we’d love to meet you!



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