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Isolation Meals

Students who are diagnosed COVID-positive while on campus, and are asked to self-isolate, can still turn to Michigan dining to provide healthy, nutritious meals delivered to their door. 

MDining offers isolation meals in the same format it has provided meals to students confined to their room due to illness or injury in years past. The isolation meal delivery process helps combat viruses, the flu and other outbreaks.

If you are in COVID-19 isolation, your food will be delivered by a third party once per day. More details are available at MDining Isolation Meal Information

Here’s how it works:

  • If a student tests positive for COVID, they will receive instructions via email when they check into Isolation.  The email instructions will include a link to a google form that allows the student to let MDining know that they require food. 
  • If the student is a meal plan holder, then their meal is covered as part of their plan.  
  • Any dietary habits the student may have, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and/or allergies and religious observances, will be listed on the Google order form.  
  • The Dining Hall prepares their food based on the menu of the day and uses the students listed preferences to help inform the food choices delivered.  Students are given lunch, dinner and the next day's breakfast in each daily delivery. 
  • Delivery is by a third party who picks up the food at the Dining Hall (contactless) and then delivers the food to the isolated student's room (contactless) and occurs once per day.  
  • Students have until midnight to submit the form for the following day's delivery.  

(Note: students are not required to order food from MDining.)

For more information, please visit the MDining website.