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Students will experience stress - on campus and beyond.  "The standard U-M students strive for is higher", says Tim Davis, Associate Director at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).  And since stressors, like death and taxes, are an unfortunate certainty in life, CAPS prepares students for post-college reality by providing them with a wealth of proactive coping strategies they can use for years to come.

One student described how CAPS helps build skills for life beyond college:

I’ve found that people who have experienced mental health education tend to approach stress and psychological health with a heightened degree of understanding.  Whether you learn, 'Oh, the name for that awful, tense feeling I have is anxiety, and it’s treatable,' or you figure out how to support a friend who’s struggling with addiction, education improves your ability to treat yourself and others with greater patience and compassion. 

So how does CAPS accomplish that?  Davis explains that CAPS counselors help students navigate their current challenges and teach new coping skills.  And since mental health needs are as diverse as Michigan students themselves, CAPS provides many different services, including:

  • Assessment programs address eating concerns, substance abuse, and ADHD.
  • Common Concerns are daily programs on the most common issues students face: depression, anxiety, academic (and other performance) enhancement, and developing healthy relationships.  These groups include a mix of peer discussion and mental health advice from a CAPS counselor. 
  • Counseling in short-term, one-on-one sessions with a CAPS counselor.
  • CAPS Counseling Groups for many students, group counseling is the most effective means for getting input and support.
  • Case management connects students to mental health providers in the community.
  • Crisis Services are available for students who can’t wait for an appointment.
  • The Wellness Zone provides massage chairs, a light therapy lamp, and meditation cushions and videos.  
  • MiTalk connects students online to screening tests, educational articles, etc.

Want to know more?  Check out the CAPS website to see how to schedule an appointment, read articles, or find additional resources. 


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