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E. Royster Harper

Very soon, tens of thousands of students will be moving to Ann Arbor to begin or resume their studies at the University of Michigan.  For each one, it is part of a life’s journey.  They are coming to one of the leading public universities in the world to discover and learn, to gain knowledge in the scholarly pursuits of humanities, arts and sciences. Perhaps to forge new knowledge through their work and contributions in research.  

On behalf of all my colleagues in Student Affairs, we are eager to do everything to help your student’s experience at U-M be rewarding, enriching, and affirming of their academic and community involvement, as well as in their personal growth.  We can help your student find connections with others on campus who share their passions and interests, and to explore new opportunities to become part of a wonderful community dedicated to learning, service and social justice.  Student Affairs is also here to help your student negotiate moments of doubt or anxiety.

We’re here for you, too.  Family Matters is part of our commitment to help parents and students stay informed, keep in touch, and enjoy the journey together.

Please encourage your student to look at our website to become familiar with the many programs and services of Student Affairs.  We also recommend that your student sign you up to receive various newsletters and bulletins from around the university, including Family Matters.  He or she must go to the Student section of the Wolverine Access website, click on Alerts, Bulletins and Newsletters, and enter your e-mail address(es). It will take only a minute to fill out and it takes effect immediately.

Feel free to contact this office –, or (734) 764-5132 – or any of my Student Affairs colleagues whenever we can be of service to you. 

E. Royster Harper

Vice President for Student Affairs

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