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Dad: Gene Goldberg, Mom: Amy Lazarus and their sons Ben, who is a senior at John

By Amy Lazarus, U-M Parent


I became aware of U-M's Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) last spring when I came to Ann Arbor with my son for his first visit. He was looking to make a final decision on which school to attend. I learned that CRP provided support for U-M students who are in recovery from substance abuse. My husband and I are now involved in trying to raise awareness about the important work that CRP is doing as the program has made a huge difference in my son's life.

I was intrigued by the program because my son, a bright and engaging 19 year old, was battling the disease of addiction and alcoholism. We knew from his painful experience that the situational and social factors that follow treatment are as important as treatment itself. Because we were concerned about the risks presented by the student party life, we questioned whether college was even an option for Jake despite his being accepted to several very well regarded schools. 

Jake fell in love with U-M on that first visit and we agreed he could attend, in large part because of the support he could get from CRP.  Getting stronger in his own recovery and starting college at the same time can be a challenge, but he has made great strides in both areas as an active member of CRP. I credit CRP, the very dedicated and passionate U-M staff, and amazing CRP students for providing the essential sober community environment he needed to support his recovery while pursuing his educational goals.

My husband and I are not grads of U-M, but we have been so moved by CRP’s impact on our son, along with the other remarkable recovery students in the group, that we decided to make a financial contribution to help sustain and grow CRP. We are now working to create awareness with U-M alumni and students that CRP makes U-M a possibility for the growing number of talented and intelligent college age people (from undergraduates to Ph.D. candidates) who are in recovery. It seems right that a world class university such as Michigan will lead the way in providing a safe and engaging experience for ALL students and we are willing to make our experience public to create awareness in the U-M community to help make that happen.

Learn more about Student Life's work with students in recovery.

To learn more about giving opportunities to expand the work of CRP, please contact Alicia Marting at or call 734/615-5159.

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