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Your students are here and they are hungry. 

Michigan Dining is well equipped to handle thousands of hungry students on their way to class, the gym, a student organization meeting and, yes those just rolling out of bed.  With seven dining halls and dozens of cafes and shops around campus, you can rest assured that your student won't go hungry.

There are meal plans for residential and off-campus students.  Students living in the residence halls and Northwood III Apartments have plans that feature unlimited meals and access to each of the dining halls. This means that they can dine anywhere on campus, eat as much as they want and can stay as long as the dining hall is open. 

Even with this much flexibility, students like to have additional food options while on campus; that’s why each meal plan comes with Dining Dollars, guest meals and to-go meals.  Students living off campus can purchase an unlimited plan or one of three block meal plans to suit their needs.

Dining dollars are like food currency.  They can be spent for food at residence hall cafes and in eateries, convenience stores and shops located in the University Unions and at the undergraduate library. Students can use them to grab their morning latte or grab snacks for a late night study session with friends.   Guest meals offer students the opportunity to take a new friend to lunch or treat family to the college dining experience when visiting. Depending on the plan your student selected they might be able to take out the whole family!  To-Go meals are another great option for your busy student; they simply go online, request a meal and pick it up from the dining hall.

With all the choices and flexibility, students may find that one plan works better for them than another. They can go online to and upgrade a meal plan anytime; in September and January, they can downsize their plan. 

Meal plans ensure your student enjoys tasty, nutritious meals.  Michigan Dining also offers nutrition services to help your student get the most out of their meal plan.


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