Parents and Families

The annual convergence of students and parents into Ann Arbor is a great migration, but you won’t see Move-In featured in Smithsonian Magazine.  For years, the scale of it all has been tamed by tremendous logistical coordination among University and Ann Arbor offices.  Well, nearly tamed.  There are still the tearful hugs and handshakes as parents and students part.  (Note: bring tissues.)

Move-In is an exciting day for first-time and returning students.  Meeting new roommates, reuniting with university pals; checking out the dining hall; shopping for your kitchen; meeting the residence hall director, meeting your landlord.  Just unpacking the car is an adventure.  (Note: check rear suspension.)

Traffic control around the residence halls and undergraduate apartments is carefully managed by temporary detours and lane closures and ever-friendly Housing Security officers.  There is parking along the streets – at least long enough to unload the car – but it’s important to bring the Unloading Permit that will come to residential students via email.  

For students moving into the residence halls, a cast of hundreds of student volunteers, Move-In Makers, are on hand to help transport stuff from the cars to the rooms.  

Lots of information about Move-In is located on the Housing website, including details such as

  • Move-In Week schedule
  • Arrival dates, times and check-in for specific residence halls
  • Overnight accommodations

For students moving into off-campus apartments and rental properties, University Housing offers helpful information including:

Welcome Week follows, giving friends old and new a variety of activities to enjoy and become acclimated to campus before the start of classes.  It’s a good time to explore the University Unions, visit the library, locate University Health Service, enjoy the student recreation centers, and of course, stand in the Diag and soak up that Michigan feeling.

The beginning of fall term is just around the corner.  The great migration is ready to begin!